Sunderland band Frankie & The Heartstrings unveil first video from album No 3

A scene from the new Frankie & The Heartstrings video Think Yourself Lucky.
A scene from the new Frankie & The Heartstrings video Think Yourself Lucky.
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Frankie & the Heartstrings have released the first video from their hotly-anticipated third album.

It’s the first track featuring the new line-up, which now includes Ross Millard, formerly of The Futureheads, on guitar who replaces Mick Ross, and Michael Matthews, formerly of This Ain’t Vegas, on bass, who’s replacing Steven Dennis.

They now make up the five-piece with founding band members Dave Harper, Frankie Francis and Michael McKnight.

Think Yourself Lucky is the first track to be released from album Decency, which is out on July 10.

It sees the band larking about in retro suits and was filmed at Sunderland University by Robbie Knox, a producer on Soccer AM.

Michael said: “We’re really excited about Decency coming out as it’s our first release for two years.

“It’s lovely to be putting stuff out there, we just didn’t realise we’d find fame as sex symbols from the new video,” he joked. “It was inspired by a band named Racey, who had a hit called Some Girls.

“They were one-hit wonders with great suits, and it’s a rip off of them.

“Most people have said it’s creepy and disturbing, but I think sexy and sensual are closer to the mark.”

It was announced last week that the band’s Pop Recs Ltd store will close in its current guise in Fawcett Street on July 1, after the council sold the building to developers for student accommodation.

However, the band has vowed to continue the cultural hub and are looking at other premises.

The full statement from the five-piece reads: “We aren’t looking not to exist. We do not see that as an option.

“It is common knowledge (or maybe it isn’t) that the building which houses Pop Recs Ltd has been sold to a private investor. It is with some sadness but not without unflappable optimism that the shutters on our present home on Fawcett Street will come down for the final time on July 1st.

“What was initially a month long project/statement of intent from a band has become a model which has identified need for a creative outlet amongst the many talented individuals in Sunderland and beyond.

“Pop Recs has had the privilege of watching small pockets of entrepreneurial creativity flourish into amazing projects which have became a home for so many people who simply did not have a place to be. A place for their skills to manifest and exist.

“We have attracted big hitters from the world of music (Franz Ferdinand, James Bay, The Cribs, The Vaccines, The Charlatans et al...) and tried pretty hard to make these shows accessible by everyone regardless of what, where and who you are.

“Because we have never had any security or capitol Pop Recs has been a constant evolving entity and ironically I believe we have only just plateaued and for the first time we know what we are. And what we are is a community resource that with my hand on my heart I can say has been a selfless project with the advancement of our creative community at the core of what we want to achieve.

“We have tried to support all who have asked for it and tried at all times to do a good thing for a good reason. We have had to learn to wear many different hats to creative this cack handed hub and are proud to leave behind a legacy in Fawcett Street we can all be proud of.

“But like Danny tells Sandy at the start of Grease “This isn’t the end. It’s only the beginning”.

We aren’t looking not to exist. I DO NOT see that as an option. That is a major step backwards and I’m much more comfortable making steps forward.

“I’d personally like to call upon everyone who has supported us any any way and offer a heartfelt thank you. You’ve touched me more than you could possibly know.

“What I can tell you is that Pop Recs on Fawcett street has been many things to many people. the people who have used it for whatever reason have molded this space.

“Pop Recs has stood and faced the dam and plugged the holes which we had no idea were leaking.

“We want more than anything to exist. To be stabilized and simply have the opportunity to realise all the things we have in our heads that provide opportunity and security for people who need it.

“There are so many people we would like to thank but that suggests an ending and I genuinely do not think this is the end. So I wont bother.

“We ARE looking at other properties.

“We ARE NOT looking not to exist.

“We might have to “pop out for 5 minutes” but we will be back bigger, better and hopefully a little more organized.

“With all of our love.

“Pop Recs Ltd.”