Stornoway show an ambitious side with new album

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Stornoway will be bringing the sound of their second album to the region next week – with support from Sunderland’s Lake Poets.

Singer and principal Stornoway songwriter Brian Briggs, describes Tales From Terra Firma as “an album of stories about rites of passage.”

It follows on from the Oxford four piece’s 2010 debut, Beachcomber’s Windowsill, which reached the Top 15 in the UK and led to tours of Europe, Australia and America.

Jon Quin from the indie folk band, said: “I think this album is more complicated in some respects, and it feels like it has more substance, more weight.

“We’ve been able to be a little more ambitious, partly because of the nature of the songs, and also we’ve got into taking a few more risks in the production side of it. Hopefully there is a slightly better match between the mood of the songs and the production and arrangements.”

The band says they have grown up since their first album and that this is reflected in their second offering.

Brian added: “Overall I feel they are weightier songs and more emotionally powerful, but we also love to have fun with it.

“A lot of this album is positive and happy. We realised that the album could be more powerful if we took the bigger, life-story angle, but I’d hate the idea of people seeing us a band that takes itself really seriously.

“Hopefully some of the playfulness comes across in the arrangements.”

* Stornoway play the O2 Academy in Newcastle on November 28, with support from The Lake Poets. For tickets Tel. 0844 477 2000.