Sonner’s sound back on home turf

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Katy Wheeler speaks to Sonner, a local band who are determined to do their own thing in the music industry.

SUNDERLAND’S Sonner will take to the stage in their home town after honing their sound around the country.

The four-piece pop-rock band will perform at Independent’s Little Room in Holmeside tomorrow night.

It’s a warm-up gig for their new single, We Go Forth Tonight, which is due for release in the autumn.

It will be the first gig on home turf this year for Mick Corkhill on lead vocals and guitar; Gareth Ord on guitar; Tom Elliott on bass and backing vocals and Gary Partridge on drums and percussion who all hail from the Seaham, Murton and Houghton areas.

Gary said: “It’s definitely our most ‘poppy’ song to date. It’s really catchy. The songs on our EP are much darker than this.

“We went off what was people’s favourite from songs we’ve performed in the past for this single and recorded the song with Dave Burn from Detroit Social Club.”

By day, the band members hold down jobs in finance, maintenance and other areas, but by night they are Sonner. They meet at least once a week at The Bunker, Stockton Road, for practice sessions to tighten their sound.

Mick said: “We get asked to do gigs in London mid-week which is really difficult with our jobs. But we try not to get stale or leave it too long inbetween practices.

“I’m quite prolific when it comes to song-writing so it’s never too bad at practice. The way I write songs is lyrics about achieving something in life, about getting somewhere.

“They’re quite anthemic, they’re about everyday life.”

The band, who are lined up to play a number of festivals this year, have been plying their musical trade for the past four years and are looking to catch the eye of a record label.

Mick added: “I’d describe our music as quite commercial. There’s nothing really strange going on. It’s straight-forward pop rock really.

“We’ve been keeping out of Sunderland for a while, we’ve had a lot of gigs in Manchester and London. We’re looking for a label which is one of the reasons we’ve been playing London so much, we have quite a few irons in the fire.

“Because we haven’t played here for a while, there’s quite a bit of hype around this gig.

“There’s only a few venues in Sunderland which you can pack in a crowd and this gig will be our first this year. The last was in September when we launched the EP.

“But we wanted to do a gig in our hometown. We have a lot of new songs since last time we played here.”

Sonner, which stems from the word sonnet, are keen to do their own thing in a city that’s home to scores of burgeoning bands.

“There are lots of bands in the city now compared to when we first started. There’s an unbelievable amount of acts here compared to other cities,” explained Mick.

“But we’ve been going a few years now so we’re known here, mostly for our live antics. We’re known as a live act, our songs sound so much bigger and more powerful live.

“In Sunderland there seems to be a lot of bands who do the same thing, but we’re not totally obsessed with singing in a Mackem accent or singing about Sunderland.”

l Sonner will be supported at The Little Room by Bison Hunting and The Blitz. The first band will be on at 8pm and entry is free.