Scott Walker - Bish Bosch

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SCOTT Walker has undergone quite a transformation since his time as a 1960’s crooner; he’s now one of the world’s most avant garde artists.

Bish Bosch sees him at his most experimental, which is saying something.

I usually listen to albums I’m reviewing in the car; it’s the best way to get to know a record. But given that at various points Bish Bosch sounds like Joy Division fighting in a cement mixer, someone throwing a drum kit down the stairs and a madman shouting about plucking a swan’s feathers, Radio 4 was the safer in-car option for me, and fellow users of the A690.

Occasionally brilliant, often impenetrable, sometimes laugh out loud funny, Bish Bosch is impossible to categorise. Art-electronica maybe. One thing it definitely isn’t, is easy listening.ap