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Super girl group The Saturdays are all fired up about heading to the region for their first arena tour. Katy Wheeler spoke to band member Vanessa White about what fans can look forward to.

WHAT I wouldn’t give to be a Saturday. They’re talented, successful – and super gorgeous to boot.

Though the shelf-life of a girl group can be brief, this five-piece show no signs of slowing down.

Their latest single, All Fired Up, which saw the girls take on a dancier edge, charted at No 3 in the UK, and they’re gearing up to release new album On Your Radar, before embarking on a UK arena tour.

And it’s refreshing that this is an established pop band that’s as enthusiastic about its music as its ardent fan base.

Baby of the band, Vanessa White, 21, was full of beans about the first day of tour rehearsals which started on the day we spoke.

“We’re all really excited about the tour,” she said. “It’s our first arena tour so we’re going to go all out, from costumes to the way the stage looks. It’s going to be near Christmas so we want everyone to party with us.

“We start rehearsals today with the dancers and I can’t wait.”

The All Fired Up tour kicks-off on December 2 and will roll into Newcastle Arena on December 10.

Vanessa said: “Newcastle’s such a great place to perform. The crowds are amazing, they’re really loud. You know what, we haven’t been out in Newcastle yet, but maybe we will this time.”

The tour follows hot on the heels of new album On Your Radar which will be released on November 21 with new single, My Heart Takes Over, the second from the album, hitting shops on November 13.

Vanessa says: “The album is progress, it’s a lot more personal to us. We’ve written half of it so we’ve had a lot more imput than our past albums. We’re at a really good place at the minute.

“It’s really important for us to keep it fresh, we want to be current and to keep up with the times. We are growing and changing as people so it’s inevitable our music will as well.”

One of The Saturdays in particular will be growing in more ways than one.

Una Healy, 29, recently announced she was expecting her first child with boyfriend and England rugby star, Ben Foden.

It sparked tabloid rumours that the band would take a break, but Vanessa was quick to dismiss the claims.

“We are so excited about Una’s baby and so happy for her. It’s amazing news. She is adamant she still wants to do the tour and we are supporting her in that,” she said.

“Everyone thought the band was over because of the pregnancy, but that’s not the case at all.”

Three years in and the band are still going strong while other girl group counterparts have fallen by the wayside.

They have a string of top 10 hits under their belt including Higher, Missing You and Ego, have racked up more than 40million hits on YouTube and have become the darlings of the British media.

So what’s the key to Saturday success?

“We’ve talked about why we’ve managed to be popular and we have no idea why. Maybe it’s because people can see that we genuinely get on, the girls are like my sisters and we are having so much fun.”

Vanessa added: “The best thing about being in the band is getting to do what we love to do. It’s crazy because we get to do so many things like videos and photoshoots, but the thing we love most is getting out there performing and meeting fans.

“That’s why we’re so chuffed about the tour.

“I think the hardest thing about being in The Saturdays is being away from home so much, but you get used to it and our friends and family are very supportive.

“This is always what I have wanted to do and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”