REVIEW: We Will Rock You, Metro Radio Arena

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It’s a kind of magic - Ben Elton’s We Will Rock musical hits all the right notes.

With 24 of Queen’s biggest hits as a sound-track and a cleverly written script, this feel-good show was a winner with the audience.

From the off people sang and swayed to hits including Don’t Stop Me Now, We Are The Champions and Somebody To Love.

Since 2002 more than 15 million theatergoers in 17 counties have watched this awe-inspiring production, which is on a world arena tour.

Set in the future on the iPlanet, a place where everyone is the same and audio downloads are the only source of music, Killer Queen of Gobal Soft Plant Wide rules the Ga Ga world where all musical instruments are banned.

But as rebellion brews, Bohemian rebels - who believe that there was once a time when they were free to rock, a time they call, The Rhapsody, - want to break free.

As legend has it there is one instrument left in the world and lost soul Galileo, goes in search for the legend with his fowl-mouthed soulmate Scaramouche.

Fellow rebels Britney Spears and Meat help them on their journey and despite efforts from the Ga Ga police they eventually find the sacred guitar and unleash real rock n roll on the world.

A fantastic cameo from former Coronation Street’s Curly Watts – Kevin Kennedy –was a real highlight. He played an excellent part in the role of ageing hippy Pop while the X Factor’s Brenda Edwards brought attitude to the larger than life Killer 

Spectacular dancing and powerful performances complemented the theatrical music performed by a live orchestra who were lowered on stage to take an much-deserved applause for their efforts.

Hilarious references to modern day life, poking fun at the likes of Simon Cowell, kept the show fresh and 

Marie Westmoreland