REVIEW: Teenage Fanclub - Here

Teenage Fanclub -Here (PeMa)
Teenage Fanclub -Here (PeMa)

One of Britain's most beloved bands, cult Scots Teenage Fanclub have delivered streams of indie pop magic ever since their formation in 1989.

Their 11th album, Here arrives a full six years on from their previous full-length; and after such an extended lay-off, it's no surprise to hear fans delighting over new material.

At first impression, it can be difficult to hear what all the fuss is about.

Teenage Fanclub records, though, have a habit of doing this - they sound flat and low key on first listen, but slowly reveal themselves over subsequent spins, their golden melodies gradually eating away at your resistance.

There are some relatively instant cuts on Here. The breezy power pop of I'm In Love, for instance, makes for a terrific opener, while the distinctive chorus of Hold On already has the whiff of a fan favourite.

Other sections require a little more patience - the second half in particular is permeated by downtempo cuts such as Steady State - but given time these prove no less satisfying.

One of the beauties of Teenage Club is that if you assembled five followers at random, there's a good chance they'd all cite a different record as their personal favourite.

So while for me this new set falls short of '90s classics Grand Prix and Songs From Northern Britain, it's likely that someone out there will deem it their new Fannies favourite. 7/10

* Teenage Fanclub play at Whitley Bay Playhouse on Wednesday, 16 November.