REVIEW: Spector, Independent, Sunderland

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A YEAR ago, if you saw Spector’s frontman in Independent then you’d just assume he was another one of its patrons, who just happened to look like a bad caricature of Harry Potter.

This week, however, Fred Macpherson’s dark-rimmed spectacles and floppy hair were teamed with a constant crowd of eager fans, wanting photos, autographs and hugs from the so called “saviour of indie music”

Where did it all go so right for Spector? It’s been the perfect indie music success story, having gone from being unknown this time last year, to superstars – without releasing an album.

They were nominated for BBC’s Sound of 2012 awards, featured in countless lists of ones to watch for the year and tipped to be absolutely massive by all the music periodicals.

Now Spector have embarked on a “SpecTour” to promote debut album Enjoy It While It Lasts. This is aptly titled for their whirlwind success and due to be released in August this year.

The band were supported by local favourites Spray On Jeans, armed with fresh material and performing under the new name of Ramsey, they continue to charm crowds with catchy lyrics and infectious beats.

Also supporting were Wales’ Dirty Goods, with a major attitude and fierce electronic backing, and finally Gabriel Bruce, with his unique style and quirky backing singers.

Spector had sold-out their Little Room show, so the venue was packed. Their anthemic tunes could easily feel at home in a stadium, so they dominated the small stage at Independent.

Their vocals are intense and their music celestial. Their banter between songs is also some of the best that I have ever heard.

New single Celestine is a huge, rushing track talking of teenage angst and regret that the crowd adored, singing back every word.

The bands previous single Chevy Thunder was also loved, with the audience dancing along to the speedy rhythm of the song.

As much as they’re known for their brilliant music and swift rise to fame, Spector have also become recognised by their distinctive clothing choices. The band are rarely seen without their trademark formal suits, and didn’t let us down on this tonight.

Spector are on the rise. I would tell you to keep a lookout for them in the coming months, but in all honesty, I don’t think that you’re going to be able to avoid them.