REVIEW: One Direction, Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

TEEN IDOLS: One Direction play the Metro Radio Arena.
TEEN IDOLS: One Direction play the Metro Radio Arena.
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Direction aren’t my usual cup of tea, but then again I’m not 10 years old.

My niece is though, and for her, and the thousands of school-age “Directioners” who sold out the Newcastle Arena, this gig was heaven.

I’m old, but not old enough to remember Beatlemania, so I can only imagine that this must have been what it was like. Out of all the gigs I’ve been to, this has to have been the loudest – not on a musical level but from the piercing shrieks that the band’s arrival on stage elicited from the fans.

Dressed like any average young lad you’d see in a shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon, the band launched into their chart-toppers – though I think they could have sung the phone book and their adoring fan base would still scream.

Every wave and dimpled smile from Harry knocked the squealing up a few more decibels. There was plenty of audience interaction, reading out banners and tweets, which was a great touch for the little legs in the audience who have probably waited months for this moment.

For One Way they boarded a floating stage and soared high above a sea of outstretched arms and landed on a centre stage to perform covers such as Teenage Kicks.

Giant screens showed footage of the band larking about in a presumably make-believe One Direction house, filled with kitsch British decor, before they launched into Little Things, an innocent ode to puppy love.

There wasn’t much attitude, dance moves, effects or fancy back flips. It was all very safe and wholesome. But then maybe that’s why One Direction have become a multi-million pound pop machine in a chart that’s often strewn with profanity-filled lyrics.

Katy Wheeler