REVIEW: Ocean Colour Scene, O2 Academy, Newcastle

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THE sold out signs said it all.

It may be 15 years since Ocean Colour Scene achieved their greatest commercial success with the release of Mosley Shoals, but the love for their tuneful rock seems undimmed.

I’ve been to a few of these retro nights as bands reel off the tracklist of their best moments.

This was the best and, best of all, is the OCS have continued to produce belting music long after we first revelled in the likes of The Riverboat Song and The Day We Caught The Train.

The Birmingham band fully justified the faith placed on them by a packed house, who loved every minute of it.

The best tribute you could give to any music is that it remains contemporary years after its release, and that can certainly be said of Mosley Shoals - which would be a massive hit now if it had just been releaed.

The crowd lapped up every glorious note, Simon Fowler’s vocal prowess a terrific driving force for the night – with hundreds of voices chanting back at him.

OCS have continued cranking out albums since Mosley rocketed them to fame, and plenty in the audience had obviously followed their post-Mosley releases.

What a brilliant night.

Ian Laws