REVIEW: Kasabian, Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

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A SPECTACLE of extravagant lightshows, peacock posturing and oodles of swagger, Kasabian announced themselves back in Newcastle with a barnstorming performance.

What better way to hit back at the critics’ lukewarm reception to their latest album, 48:13, than with the raw and thumping, fist-pumping joy of a live gig?

And that’s just what frontmen Tom Meighan and Serge Pizzorno delivered in spades.

Guitarist Pizzorno cut a dash in the tightest skeleton trousers you’re ever likely to see as he roared through the classic anthems from Club Foot through to Fire.

Meighan too was in a decidedly upbeat talkative mood, getting the crowd onside from the off with friendly Geordie-themed banter.

While the critics may have had a pop at 48:13, tracks like Eez-Eh from the album came alive on the night ... and were lapped up by the audience.

Tom Meighan’s boast that 48:13 would be so good he was “worried for every other band” on the planet, was a billing it could never live up to.

But the critics missed the point. The band rarely have their tongues too far from their cheeks.

The hardest part of producing the album, named after the running time 48.13, was, according to Pizzorno, getting it to fit the 48 minutes 13 seconds.

They may produce anthems, but they don’t take themselves too seriously. How else could he get away with those trousers?

New twists on old covers were a pleasant surprise, with Cameo’s Word Up and the Doors’ People are Strange getting the Kasabian makeover.

But it was the hardcore ground-shakers like Empire and Shoot the Runner that lingered long in the memory.

If any band could out-Oasis Oasis, it’s these boys from Leicester who drummed up a night of laddish indie anthems and dance-infused rock loud enough to compete with a roaring 474 jet engine and drown out even the most vocal of music critics.