Review: Example, Newcastle Metro Arena,

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LASERS, strobe lights, smoke and a sea of arms turned the arena into a huge nightclub as Example wooed a crowd of thousands.

Benga, P Money and DJ Micky Slim ensured their support slots got the hordes in the mood for their night of madness.

Then they danced to the hits of the singer and rapper, as he and his band took over the stage for almost two hours of furious tunes.

It wasn’t just the expected club crowd who turned out to the performance, as knee-high children to pensioners lost themselves to the music.

Example began the show with Kickstarts, which immediately got the audience moving and all those in the seated areas joining in the party.

He continued with Won’t Go Quietly, which included a random burst of electronic beats, taking the audience by surprise, a pattern which appeared through the night’s tracks.

One of my personal favourites, Midnight Run, was sung well and coupled with the green laser light effects, created an awesome atmosphere.

Example shouted “sing to me”, and that one sentence was enough to light the place with screams of admiration.

He magnificently rounded up his show with his amazing and first number one hit, Changed The Way You Kissed Me, which was an absolute triumph.

Ticker tape and rolls of streamers floated down on to the crowd from above as a grand finale of the night.

As we left the venue among the elated crowd, the tune from yet another one of his hits, Say Nothing, was still being cheered and continued as the audience headed back into town.

A sign the night’s gig would be whirling round the heads of people for some time to come.

Jessica Phillips