REVIEW: Example

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SOLO males must find it tougher than their chart contemporaries to wow an arena crowd.

They don’t have group acrobatics to fall back on à la JLS or large-scale theatrical costumes to catch the eye like someone of Lady Gaga’s ilk.

Instead, the male soloist has only the music to rely on.

Fortunately for Example he has some cracking tracks from which to hang his first arena tour – plus bags of outspoken character to string them together.

Example, real name Elliot Gleave, may have been dressed head to toe in black, but his bouncy, arm-raising performance was full of energy and the lighting was bright, fast-paced and verging on being rave-like, which more than made up for his drab attire.

Moshpits scenes dominated the front of the stage as the London-born rapper worked his way through a selection of his hits: Stay Awake, and Won’t Go Quietly to name a few.

There wasn’t a still pair of feet in the house as he belted out anthemic Kickstarts, a catchy floor filler of a ditty.

Watch the Sun Come Up was also an “arms in the air” moment as the entire arena seemingly swayed in motion with the looming black-clad figure on stage.

With all the ravey beats and techno pop that goes into an act like Example, it’s easy to forget that he’s got a pretty cracking voice, which can only be fully appreciated at a live set.

Cocky charisma is something he also has in bucket loads as he urged the “crazy Geordies” to “bounce”. They, of course, obeyed in their droves.

These moments of top-class entertainment, however, were punctuated with some more generic numbers which seemed to merge into one and lacked the pop panache of their counterparts.

Not that it seemed to bother the bulk of the crowd who were in full Saturday night rave mode.

Katy Wheeler

Twitter: @sunechokaty