Review: Deap Vally, Think Tank, Newcastle

Deap Vally
Deap Vally
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Fans into the Deap Vally

Ever since The White Stripes burst onto the scene there’s been a raft of guitar/drum duos trying to follow the same path.

Whilst some have had some modicum of success, others have flopped spectacularly, but in Deap Vally there may finally be a band that can rightfully be compared to the legendary Detroit trailblazers.

The Californian duo formed in 2011 when guitarist Lindsey Troy met drummer Julie Edwards at a crochet class and their sleazy guitar-laden brand of rock ‘n’ roll was born.

Fast forward two years and they’ve toured the world, played some of the biggest festivals in the UK and gained huge exposure with a stunning set at this year’s Glastonbury.

In a packed, tight, hot Think Tank venue (formally The Other Rooms), Deap Vally absolutely stormed it – despite their complaints about bad lighting.

Every song from their superb debut album Sistrionix was belted out in a 50-minute set.

End of the World, Baby I Call Hell, Woman of Intention and latest single Walk of Shame, all sounded incredible and at times far better than the album recordings.

It was Gonna Make My Own Money that was the stand-out track of the night, with its screeching guitars and pounding drums making it one of the best songs of 2013.

While the audience interaction was a tad minimal, they offered plenty to keep the audience entertained throughout.

Having two good-looking women playing grungy rock ‘n’ roll whilst wearing very little is always going to be a winner with the male portion of the crowd, but both girls had superb stage presence and, at times, it was difficult to watch both at the same time they were that mesmeric.

While the audience lapped up every second, it was clear as well that the duo love what they do and the adoration that comes with it. If there’s justice in the world then this will be the last time they play such an intimate venue in Newcastle – bigger venues await.

Their offering is nothing new music-wise, the duo are a great live band, they have the songs, they have the look and they have the attitude.

Deap Vally are just what we need to give guitar music a much-needed shot in the arm.

Keir Waugh