Review: Chris Moyles, Newcastle O2 Academy

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Have you ever felt confused leaving a show?

I felt totally bemused after leaving the Chris Moyles Live show at O2 Academy Newcastle.

After keeping fans waiting outside the Academy for around 40 minutes, we were then let inside, only to be seated and kept waiting for around another half-an-hour, give-or-take.

Then when Mr Moyles did finally make an appearance on stage I was very nervous.

After watching him on Children in Need he seemed a bit lost, and I was wondering, firstly, what the show would entail, but secondly if he still had his cheeky charm that millions of people across the country loved his Radio 1 Breakfast Show for.

The build-up to his arrival was typical Moyles extravagance, with a film leading to his entrance proclaiming him a worldly wonder.

When he strutted on to the stage, after an initial iffy performance of Robbie Williams’ Let Me Entertain You, the talking started and the audience knew they were in for a laugh-a-minute show.

A continuous potty-mouthed narrative from the former chubby man himself tied everything together, and a string of guests including ex-radio companions Aled Hayden Jones and Dominic Byrne, and a one-off appearance from Andi Peters were hilarious.

With each singing songs, including the Cast of Glee’s version of Don’t Stop Believing and One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful, they produced tears of laughter from the audience. However, the show stealer did have to be Dominic’s drag act.

Dressing up as “Fake Adele,” or “Fay Kadel,” if you like, he disappeared then reappeared on stage in a black and white dress from Next and a curly ginger wig.

Cue uncontrollable laughter from the audience as he performed barely audible versions of Skyfall and Someone Like You.

The show also featured various videos, and a section where Leeds-born Chris talked us through his “life on Twitter” with tweets from Andrew Lloyd Webber, to insults from unknowns.

The audience loved it as he picked people out of the crowd who had tweeted him on the night, and audience participation also came as a man and woman were each chosen to perform on stage, singing a song each.

The spoiler for me was a random girl named Kirsty, who performed alongside the band.

I couldn’t understand why she was there, apart from to perform some sort of interpretive dance at the side of the stage when different people were singing, swinging her very, very long arms around, she looked like she was going to take off.

All in all though, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even if I did leave a bit confused from the fast pace and many different parts to the show.

It was like watching the old radio show live for two hours, and I definitely left with a smile on my face.

Radio or no radio, Moyles has still got it.

Monica Turnbull