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THEGUIDE speaks to Pulled Apart by Horses guitarist James Brown about the band’s forthcoming appearance at Split Festival, at Ashbrooke Sports Ground.

The band have released their second album Tough Love this year to critical acclaim and are still riding high after opening the main stage at Leeds and Reading festival.

TheGuide: So James, Split Festival is actually part of Sunderland University fresher’s calendar, have you ever played fresher’s before?

“Yes, we have actually done a few of them, it’s good to do those sorts of shows, because half of them don’t know who the bands are and they just go because it’s a bit of a party.

“But it’s cool because with them been freshers they’re going to be full of booze so they’re just dancing away.

“We have done a lot of fresher’s balls and stuff just dotted around and it’s just absolute carnage, you get people coming over to you at the end saying ‘I have no idea who your band is, but I absolutely loved it’.

“It’s always fun to get them lot down at a show because they just go mental, don’t they?

“But I do think it’s cool that shows like this involve universities because they tend to love it and it’s just an excuse for a party really.

“It’s good to get people down who wouldn’t necessarily go to a live gig and watch a rock band or whatever.

So the new tour starts after Split Festival in November and the last date of the tour is back in Leeds, would you say you are still the local lads in Leeds, and are the Leeds gigs usually the craziest?

“Well yes, we have a really good fan base, but we are a bit wary of falling into that trap of playing Leeds every few months.

“But this time we have left it a year and we have booked the biggest hometown gig which is at the university, so it’s kind of like our homecoming thing because it’s on the last day and there will be a big after-show party.

“We’re going to hopefully get a local opener as well to play.

“We were constantly getting people on Facebook whining saying ‘why aren’t you playing Leeds?’ and I would turn around and say well, we want to do this big show, but then we announced it and everyone shut up.

“When we leave it a bit longer it makes it more exciting for everyone and us.

Is there anyone in particular you are looking forward to seeing at Split Festival?

“The Futureheads, but I don’t know if they will be doing their normal set or the a capella stuff.

“I think they like to mix it up at festivals.

“It will be amazing to see them playing to a hometown crowd and Public Image Ltd will be brilliant, but I’m more looking forward to actually meeting John Lydon than actually watching.

“I’m definitely going to say hello to him, totally going to ask for a picture.”

l Split Festival takes place from September 21-23.

Tickets are available from www.splitfestival.com