One stop shop launched to promote North East music

Frankie & the Heartstrings
Frankie & the Heartstrings
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A new website promises to be a one-stop shop for all things music in the region.

Set up by music promoters and brothers Stephen and Paul Davis, Gigs North East will allow bands to promote their talents and sell their merchandise in front of thousands of web-savvy fans and promoters.

The interactive new platform has taken almost nine years to come to fruition and will allow artists to upload their music and promote themselves to fans and promoters alike, as well as giving them exclusive access to music PR experts, videographers, tour managers, and agents.

Gigs North East has also confirmed it has already set up an in-house record label.

Gigs North East managing director, Steve Davis, explains: “With sales of CDs being diminished by the digital revolution and the streaming habits of the consumer constantly on the rise, we have become accustomed to it becoming increasingly difficult for bands to earn from their trade.

“The current streaming trend makes us wonder how long even record labels will be able to function. It has never been more important for artists to have a direct line to their followers.

“Gigs North East provides direct artist to fan communication where the customer is buying straight from the band. They retain all of their profits and don’t have to split it with any other party.

“The beauty is in the simplicity of it all. This new website is a statement of how we think the industry should be, and we want to give power back to the fantastic array of talent we have in the region and give music fans the chance to see what’s out there.

“The Gigs North East website will boast a digital information hub for the people of the North East and lets bands scout for new additions to their groups, hire a tour bus, release a song and sell their merchandise for free.”

Frankie Francis of Sunderland band Frankie & the Heartstrings said: “Gigs North East is an extremely positive move in the right direction for the musicians of Sunderland and beyond. Exposure is one of the hardest things and having a platform like this will bridge big gaps in the industry.

“Gigs North East has no bias when it comes to musical genres and will help bands raise their profile and will assist venues and promoters in by the same token. There’s no point putting a gig on if no one knows about it so Gigs North East will help all aspects of the regional industry at a time when it needs it the 

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