Little Mix stars’ mums’ messages to X Factor hopeful Lola

KEEP ON BELIEVING ... above, Lola Saunders. Below, Norma and Jade Thirlwall, and bottom, Debbie Hogg and Perrie Edwards.
KEEP ON BELIEVING ... above, Lola Saunders. Below, Norma and Jade Thirlwall, and bottom, Debbie Hogg and Perrie Edwards.
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THE mothers of South Shields Little Mix stars Jade Thirlwall and Perrie Edwards think the borough’s latest X Factor star Lola Saunders has what it takes.

Norma Thirlwall and Debbie Hogg, who saw their daughters claim victory in 2011, say the singer could go far if she would only start believing in herself.

Norman and Jade Thirlwall.

Norman and Jade Thirlwall.

The mums say the 20-year-old, from East Boldon, doesn’t realise how good she is.

Norma said: “I think she’s got an amazing voice. I’ve known Lola since she was about 12 because her and Jade joined the John Christopher Theatre Company at the same time.

“She always has been an amazing singer, and she really could do well, but she needs to start building her confidence and believing in herself.

“When Jade was on the show, she had the other girls there to support her and help with her nerves, it must be really hard for Lola on her own.

Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards and mum Deborah.

Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards and mum Deborah.

“The Sunday night results shows are definitely the worst part of it.

“I remember not being able to breathe until Dermot said Little Mix were through, so I know how Lola’s family feels being there every week – I wouldn’t like to do it again.

“I really think she can go far if she just starts believing in herself.

“The talent that’s come out of South Tyneside is just phenomenal. Between Little Mix, Joe McElderry, Lola, and all the people on the West End, there’s just so much talent here. The support from people in the North East is always amazing, and I really hope they get behind Lola.”

During the weekend’s Saturday Night at the Movies-themed show, Lola sang When You Believe from the Prince of Egypt

On Sunday’s show, Simon Cowell said that after watching it back, he felt Lola was “in trouble” of being eliminated.

But Perrie’s mum Debbie doesn’t agree. She said: “I think Lola is brilliant but what the judges are saying is exactly what I’m feeling – she needs to start believing in herself.

“It feels like she’s holding back that little bit because she’s nervous but she needs to just let it go. Her voice is tremendous and she has to realise that.

“I really want her to go all the way, and I think she’s definitely got what it takes to get to the final. I think she’ll be in the top three.”

She added: “What I’d say to her parents is that I know it’s scary watching your daughter go through this competition, but they need to just sit back and enjoy it.

“Out of all the thousands of people who went along to audition for the X Factor, these are the ones who have made it to the live finals, and that alone is a huge achievement.

“Lola is doing really well and if she just finds that confidence and lets go during her performances, then there’s no doubt she’ll do well.”

The X Factor returns to ITV1 at 8pm on Saturday for a Halloween Fright Night special.

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