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A melancholy mime artist mooching through Sunderland city centre forms the setting for the first video from Mackem five-piece Lilliput. Katy Wheeler finds out more.

LIKE all good ideas, the inspiration for the video for Until came to Lilliput when they were sitting in a pub.

“We were trying to work out what visually the song was about,” explained singer and guitarist Jamie Gilling.

“We liked the idea of the helplessness and repetitiveness of the mime artist.”

The result is a video full of pathos and, at times, humour, which sees singer and drummer Dan Waterston stepping into the shoes of a mime artist in a bid to entertain the folk of Sunderland city centre.

It’s the first video from the alternative folk collective who formed in the summer of 2011.

Jamie said: “We don’t want to say this is a single, but it’s something we wanted to put out that we recorded at the end of last year.

“Out of all our songs, it’s probably the most accessible.

“It’s really difficult to describe your music, it’s like trying to explain what you like about your kid. It is folk-based, but we try to add as much to it as possible so that the end product is rarely folk-based.”

Though the remaining members of the band – Josh Hawick, Joe Collins and Jonathan Hibbert – make only cameo appearances in the video, it’s representative of the collective’s emotive sound which is earning them a legion of followers.

Demand for the band has seen them play stripped-back acoustic sets in basement venues and garages to sold-out headline slots in cities around the North East.

This Friday sees them performing at Evolution Emerging at The Cumberland Arms, Ouseburn, Newcastle. (Entry is free from 7pm),

They are also playing The Gathering open mic night at Independent’s Little Room, in Holmeside, tonight from 8pm.

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