Keep clear of trouble at festival

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WEARSIDE festival-goers are being urged to enjoy themselves but stay in control during this bank holiday weekend.

Thousands of people from the city are expected to head to the Newcastle and Gateshead Quayside for the annual Evolution Festival.

Police are urging those attending to ensure they stay in control during the festival and keep their personal property safe and secure while in the big crowds.

Supt Gillian Mitchell, of Northumbria Police, said: “The festival is very well attended, with crowds of up to 50,000, and the vast majority of people who attend are there just to enjoy themselves.

“In previous years we’ve only made a handful of arrests, mainly after people have had too much to drink. We’re encouraging people to come here and have a great time, but just be mindful of others and ensure they don’t drink too much and stay in control.

“It’s also important those who are attending ensure their personal property, such as mobile phones, purses and wallets are secure at all times, kept close to them and in zipped compartments if possible.

“Just be vigilant as the crowds will be big and we don’t want any thieves to be able to take advantage.”