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Flamboyant songbird Paloma Faith has announced she will head to the region as part of her latest UK tour. Jenny Entwistle spoke to her on behalf of The Guide.

Jenny Entwistle: You’ve released your single Picking Up The Pieces – can you tell us a bit about what this song is about?

Paloma Faith: It’s about being in a relationship with somebody who you think might be on the rebound, but is going out with you but you’re not sure. They’re recovering from the past relationship and what it’s like to be in that position when you’re doubting yourself and your role in their life.

For your album Fall To Grace you’ve stated that you’ve taken a more cinematic approach with the album, with it being the “soundtrack to your life”. Was this a conscious decision on your part: to combine your music with your love of acting to make the album more personal?

It was a conscious decision, but it wasn’t really that I wanted to combine it with my love of acting; it was more that I wanted to combine it with my love of film as a viewer.

I watch a lot of films all the time so I wanted to somehow cultivate the atmosphere of films into this whole album and everything we put out.

Do you have any favourite tracks?

I love all of them, but I think some stand-out ones are probably The Next Thing, 30 Minute Love Affair and Blood Sweat and Tears, they’re kind of more dancey ones, which make me excited to have a dance!

Just Be is a very stripped back ballad with piano and then Streets of Glory is the opposite, it’s got bells and whistles and everything all in one. They have string arrangements from David Arnold who I think is incredible.

You’ve been hailed in the press as somewhat of a fashion icon – who would you say were your biggest influences or inspirations, and are there any new designers we should look out for?

Biggest inspiration is probably Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Coco Chanel – I love the way she dressed – Bjork and Grace Jones.

Designers: I love Dolce and Gabbana, I keep wearing them, Alexander McQueen I think is incredible. I love all the high-end stuff like Jean Paul Gaultier. New designers: I think Piers Atkinson and Victoria Grant are amazing.

You were revealed as a mentor for Danny’s team on BBC’s The Voice to help prep the vocalists for the Battle round of the competition. What was the main piece of advice you gave to them, and how was the experience for you? Did you learn anything by going through the process with them?

I think the main piece of advice I was giving them was about performance and how I think it’s not enough to just stand on stage and sing the song, you have to do extra, whether it be physically moving around and giving depth to the song physically or giving a more physically emotional performance.

I just feel, to me, it’s important that we have something to look at, so I focused on that. I learnt how much talent there is out there and how it’s a really strange industry as at the end of the day, not that much talent breaks through.

It’s unbelievable sometimes when you just take a minute to think ‘actually, there’s loads of people who could be wearing the exact same shoes that I’m wearing.’ It makes me feel grateful for what I’ve got and what I’ve achieved.

Obviously I’ve worked bloody hard for it, but I think there’s a certain combination of hard work, perseverance and a little sprinkling of luck.

l Picking Up The Pieces, the first single from Paloma Faith’s second album, was released on May 20. The album, Fall To Grace, was released on May 28, reaching No. 2 in the charts.

l This week, Paloma announced she will play O2 Academy, Newcastle, on January 31. Tickets, priced £19.50, go on sale tomorrow at 9am from and Tel. 0844 811 0051.