How to keep safe at Beyonce’s Stadium of Light gig + entry system map

Entry points for Beyonce's Stadium of Light gig
Entry points for Beyonce's Stadium of Light gig
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Less than a week to go until Beyoncé’s arrival on Wearside, and the stadium is aiming to ensure everything runs smoothly at one of its biggest ever gigs.

Concert-goers attending the gig on Tuesday are being advised of a special colour-coded entry system, aimed at making it easier for visitors to access the venue.

The Formation World tour

The Formation World tour

The stadium will be divided into multi-coloured zones – RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW and GOLD. These designated zones are highlighted at the bottom of the concert tickets and the corresponding entry points around the stadium will be clearly signposted on the day of the show.

Concert-goers are advised to check their ticket carefully in advance and those holding tickets for the pitch standing area and TIER 2 reserved seats, should follow signs to their designated colour-coded point of entry on arrival.

Fans who have purchased golden circle tickets will enter the stadium via the special gold circle entry points. Those with early entry gold circle tickets should enter through gate 54A, which is located in the south stand of the stadium.

Fans holding tickets for the TIER 3 seated area will enter through a numbered turnstile rather than a coloured zone, with the number clearly indicated on their concert ticket. Turnstile numbers are displayed prominently around the stadium. will not enter through the colour-coded gates and instead will

Once fans have entered the stadium, they are reminded that they can return to the courtyard areas, but will not be permitted to re-enter if they choose to leave at any time.

Concert-goers holding pre-booked tickets for wheelchair patrons should enter though gate 62A, located in the south stand of the stadium.

Fans are advised to arrive at the stadium as early as possible to avoid any potential queues. Courtyards around the stadium offering an extensive range of food and drinks will be open from 2pm.

KEY EVENT TIMINGS (timings are approximate and may be subject to change on the day):

7am - Road closures around stadium site in place

2pm - External courtyards open

4pm - Stadium doors open for hospitality guests and early entry ticket holders

4.30pm - Main stadium doors open

7pm - Support show on stage

8pm - Beyoncé on stage

10.30pm - Show closes

Attendees are reminded that in the interests of safety, standing is not permitted in the seated areas.

Northumbria Police is also working closely with Sunderland AFC and its partners to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Silver Commander for the event, Superintendent Sarah Pitt, said: “We’re really pleased and proud to once again be supporting the summer concerts at the Stadium of Light. It’s a a great opportunity for Sunderland to be seen as the great city we know it is.

“We want everyone going along to have a great time and have been working closely with Sunderland AFC and its partners to ensure the event runs smoothly, we also want to make sure that any disruption to our local communities is kept to an absolute minimum.

“So that everyone can enjoy the event we want to remind people of a few crime prevention and safety tips to help keep them safe.”

General crime prevention and safety tips include:

- Anyone who sees a crime taking place, or has concerns about someone acting suspiciously or anything that seems out of the ordinary can either pass this to an officer on patrol or ring police on 101.

- Make a note of the prearranged meeting points incase you become lost or lose someone, make sure you have the phone numbers of people you are with so you can contact them if you need to.

- Drink responsibly and look after yourself, make sure you have plans to get home.

- Keep your personal belongings – mobile phones, wallets etc – somewhere safe. Don’t leave bags open and make sure nothing valuable is left in a bag or pocket that someone can access without you knowing.

- If you are driving, make sure you have locked your vehicle before leaving it unattended and don’t leave anything valuable inside.

Police also want to remind people driving to the concert to leave plenty of time for their journey and be patient as the roads around the Stadium of Light are likely to be busy.

Supt Pitt added: “The roads around the Stadium of Light and the main routes in and out of Sunderland are likely to be busy on the day of the concert and I would ask those people driving to take a few moments to plan their route beforehand.

“We want to reiterate Sunderland City Council’s reminder that taking public transport can avoid the stress of driving as you can’t park or pick up at the stadium as the surrounding roads will be closed for the event.

“Motor patrols officers will be on duty to assist in keeping traffic flowing throughout the main routes in the area.”

Extra officers will be on patrol in the city to offer reassurance and help keep disruption to local residents to a minimum.

Supt Pitt said: “Officers will be on patrol in and around the city before during and after the concert, they are there primarily for our local residents and I would encourage anyone who does have any concerns to speak to an officer.

“Local residents play a crucial role in helping us, they know the area and know what seems right or what doesn’t, if they see anything that they think is out of the ordinary or suspicious, or a crime taking place, then I would urge them to let us know.”