Heavenly touch of the Deep South

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THE Heavenly Thrillbillies are bringing a touch of the Deep South to Washington.

The three-piece band members, who play banjo, double bass and guitar, forged a band through their love of bluegrass, which stems from America’s southern states.

They formed two years ago but have known each other for many years.

 Garry Brewis (Jumpin’ Jack Brewis), who plays double bass, has been in bands with the other two members as far back as 1976.

 In the past, he was in a band with banjo-player Philip Wynn (Grandpappy Crazy Fingers), who played regular slots at the long gone Glebe Youth Club.

 Guitar player David Reed (The Reverend Kid Kentucky) was also in a past band with Garry and did his first ever live show with him on drums at Washington Comp in June 1979.

 Since then, they’ve played in all sorts of bands from punk to soul before forming the The Heavenly Thrillbillies.

 They play The Keelboat, Fatfield, on Saturday, September 10.