Heartstrings will beat even louder

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IF 2012 is as rumbustious as 2011 ended for Frankie and the Heartstrings, it’s set to be quite a year.

Unlike their famously-interrupted appearance at this summer’s Split Festival, this time the only blown fuses were in the crowd at Independent, where a couple of over-enthusiastic moshers did their best to ruin a few people’s night.

However, it was about time the Heartstrings got a passionate hometown response.

I’ve felt their audiences here in Sunderland have been surprisingly reserved in the past.

Word is spreading about this band and seeing them live gives you more of an appreciation of what they’re about – totally confident, fun, original and a skin-tight unit in terms of their musicianship.

Their final set of 2011 included all-but-one of the tracks – It’s Obvious – from the lads’ successful debut album Hunger, which readers of NME.com included in their top 20 of the year.

A new album is expected this year and five new songs got an airing at Independent – the current single Everybody Looks Better (In The Right Light) coming in as the penultimate of the night with If I Was Someone, Berlin Calls, First Boy That You See and That Girl That Scene, all suggesting there will be plenty punk-edged melodies to enjoy in future.

Ian Laws