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Katy Wheeler speaks to ’90s boyband Five about touring again

Back in the day, Five ruled the charts, selling 20million records across the world.

Upbeat pop ditties such as When the Lights Go Out, Got the Feelin’ and Everybody Get Up, catapulted them into the hearts of teenyboppers.

However, squabbles soon helped to cause fractures in the boy band and 2001 saw them turn their back on their pin-up days.

Fast-forward a decade and ITV2 documentary The Big Reunion brought them and other acts of the era – 911, Atomic Kitten and Liberty X et al – back to prominence.

The public, it seems, were still keen to dance the night away to lyrics such as “wiggy, wiggy I’m gettin’ jiggy” and the show spawned a huge arena tour.

Now, Five are hitting the road on their own for a headline tour which sees them perform in Newcastle, in December.

Five may in fact now be four, after J chose not to be part of the reunion, but Sean Conlon, Abz Love, Ritchie Neville, and Scott Robinson say they’re loving every minute of taking their fans down memory lane.

Scott said: “We had so much fun with the Big Reunion tour, so we can’t wait to be standing on our own two feet with this tour, it’s great to have been given a second chance

“It’s different now because we actually get on. There were days before when we wouldn’t even be talking because we were so angry with each other.

“But we’re older and wiser now, we don’t let tension build up like we used to. We all want the same thing now.”

During their heyday, Five had 11 Top 10 singles in the UK, three number ones and four Top 10 albums, and Scott assures fans that all the hits will be in the tour.

“Because J’s not with us we’ve had to revamp some of the songs but, to be honest, it’s made it fresher,” he said.

“Abz does a lot of J’s raps and we’ve spread out the other vocals.

“So on Keep on Movin’ I have a bridge and verse to sing which I didn’t get to do before.”

Though The Big Reunion may have seemed like a gamble for bands whose sound was no longer hitting the top of the charts, Scott says he was confident there was still an appetite for 90s pop.

“We always knew the Big Reunion would do relatively well, it was on a big channel and it sounded like a great idea.

“But we never expected it to do quite as well as it did,” he explained.

“I think it’s because the music was pure pop and it was long enough ago for people to be interested in what we were all doing.

“For us, it was 12 years since we were together, but the music still sounded good.”

Scott had not been away from the scene for as long as his fellow band-members.

After the band split in 2001, he appeared in musical Boogie Nights 2, DJ’d for his local radio station and still performed Five songs at gigs around the country. “It was weird for me. I’d been touring with Five songs for six years as a one-man band, so I knew there was love for Five, so I told the other boys not to panic about the show.”

Now he says they’re looking forward to returning to an old stomping ground.

“I’m not just saying it, the North East is a great place to do a show. The Newcastle gig was one of the stand-out shows of the Big Reunion tour.

“We won’t be out on the Toon though, we’re trying to be good. We don’t want to burn out.

“Plus, my wife is pregnant with twins at the minute, so I don’t think she’d be too happy about it.”

* Five play Newcastle City Hall on December 3. Tickets are available from or Tel. 0844 811 0051.

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