Festival will be a Rrriot

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A free day of music in Sunderland will showcase home-grown acts. Katy Wheeler finds out more

Twenty six acts over nine hours in one venue for zero pennies – Rrriot Fest 7 looks set to be a show not to miss.

Its aim is to give a platform to the host of sounds that make up the musical melting pot of our city.

At the helm is band The Creep Void, who will also play at the event which takes place in Plugged Inn, Holmeside, on Saturday June 29, from 2.30pm until 11.30pm.

Chris Hanna, guitarist with the alternative rock band, explains: “We’re all in bands and we’ve played across the region. Last week we had to charge £7 for a gig in Newcastle, but we want to put music on for free for people.

“We did the first Rrriot Fest about three years ago and the last three we’ve held at Plugged Inn have been really popular.

“It’s a whole day of music for free covering everything from rock and acoustic to punk.

“It was borne out of frustration really, we were tired of the charges made by promoters.

“We always have a mixture of regulars who always play as well as bands who may not have performed a gig before.”