Festival favourites Balthazar announce North-East show

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Following a full summer festival itinerary in Europe, Balthazar have announced a North East show.

The Belgian quintet will play Newcastle’s Think Tank on September 21.

The band, who released their third album Thin Walls earlier this year, have recently appeared at Glastonbury and these new dates follow their previous visit, a sold out UK tour.

Band member Jinte Deprez said: “Thin Walls is all about touring and never having any privacy.”

Jinte, who is in the band with Maarten Devoldere, Patricia Vanneste, Simon Casier and Michiel Balcaen, added: “We know each other’s darkest secrets now. We grew together. You live together as each other’s brother and sister. We discovered we really like each other.”

For this album, the band had to fit in writing sessions whenever they had a spare day off.

“When you’re on tour, the mood is very restless and chaotic,” says Maarten. “Life on tour is kind of weird, everything is prepared for you and you drink way too much. If you write with a hangover, then you write differently.”

Jinte and Maarten, the band’s songwriters, had rented rooms in an old monastery next door to each other and the thin walls between the rooms meant they could hear every idea the other was working on.

“If he had a new melody, I could hear it before he’d played it to me,” says Maarten, “so I had an idea for a song before I’d actually heard it properly.”

The monastery would house the duo for a couple of days here and there before they would hit the road again, where hotels and their tourbus also became songwriting workshops.

“We had to find a new way of writing on this record,” says Maarten. This constant state of flux, says Jinte, has given these songs a “lust for life”.

• Balthazar play Think Tank on September 21. Tickets from www.seetickets.com.