Fans express disappointment with Little Mix's Riverside gig

Little Mix
Little Mix
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Little Mix fans have taken to social media to express their disappointment over aspects of the girl group's sell-out North East show.

The chart-topping band took to the stage in front of 15,000 fans at Durham County Cricket's Club's Emirates stadium last night.

But many were unhappy with the organisation of the event, the sound quality, and the length of their set.

Ticket prices started at £41.25, with Golden Circle tickets priced £55, and a family ticket admitting four people costing £143.

But many fans who attended the gig took to social media afterwards to express their disappointment.

Dawn Finnigan said: "Personally I thought it was a lot of money for such a short gig, sound was poor for an outdoor performance, screens were far too small. Been to lots of outdoor concerts and this did not impress me one bit. Kids enjoyed dancing as they couldn't see, but loved the music. Less than an hour for a show is very poor value."

AnnMarie Baker Jorgenson: "I agree they were not on long enough and not enough crowd interaction. The stage & screens should have been higher. Everyone had their children on their shoulders so you could not see anything."

Tina Owens: "Terrible organisation by the venue, missed the first act despite being there from 3.45, we were still queuing outside at 6.40, no advice. Little Mix were great but I wouldn't return here."

Laura Smith: "I'd have been fuming if I paid for Golden Circle. It just suddenly ended. Not even an encore! Disappointing as an adult. Kids enjoyed it though."

Lucy Greenwell: "Terrible organisation, queues all over the place, the stewards moving people further back in the queue forward into new queues, so arguments started. Also wheelchair users were stuck amongst crowds of people at the end."

Nicola Stobbart: "Badly organised, sound quality rubbish, security not good as they should of been following recent events. I have seen them 4 times & loved them every time, this was by far my worst experience of a concert. Only on stage for 55 mins & spent 10 min for 2 clothes changes. Not good, feel really let down!"

Angela Wrightson Tudball: "On arriving at the venue it was total chaos. People were queuing, but then the queues were getting wider and wider as people were just standing anywhere. Once inside the venue the screens were really small. The stage wasn't raised high enough so everyone could get a view. We were in the Golden Circle and paid extra for tickets, but the kids couldn't see anything. Lots of people had the kids on their shoulders, which I understand, but this made it even more difficult to see. This is our third time seeing Little Mix and I have to say I was a bit disappointed."

Julie A Ratcliffe: "Yes, Little Mix were great but Durham CCC' s organisation skills were rubbish. 2 hrs to get in, then nearly another 2 to get a burger!"

But some people enjoyed the event, despite the glitches.

Leanne Powell said: "Pretty badly organised, sound could have been better and to be on stage a little over an hour is quite ridiculous. But my daughter loved every second of it, so that's all that matters to me."

Neil Green: "Tickets checked, bags checked, security all over, no queue to get in. Golden Circle great. Daughter loved warm-up bands and Little Mix, although it would have been nice if they had been on longer."

Tanya McFadden: "Organisation was spot-on, had a red car park. Stewards showed us where to go and directed us to the venue, police did a great job helping people across the road and making us feel safe. Had golden tickets, so a good view. Absolutely outstanding performance from Little Mix."

* Were you at the show? What did you make of it?