Fans can expect plenty of energy from Funeral For A Friend

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Katy Wheeler talks to Welsh rockers Funeral For A Friend who play the newly re-opened Independent next week

Funeral For A Friend have certainly earned their stripes on the touring circuit, becoming famed for their fast-paced live sets.

However, despite the band being formed more than a decade ago, Sunderland had been missing out on their seminal sound – until now.

The rock band will take to the stage at Independent, in Holmeside, on Wednesday to perform their energising music, a melting pot of emo, metal and post hard-core.

“It’s the first time I’ll have played Sunderland, but the crowds are mental up North, there’s always a good energy and vibe,” said drummer Pat Lundy.

He’ll be joined on stage by Matthew Davies-Kreye on vocals, Kris Coombs-Roberts on guitar and vocals, Gav Burrough on guitar and vocals and Richard Boucher on bass.

This year’s album release Conduit, the band’s sixth, saw Pat join the band after previously being part of Rise To Remain.

He says he’s enjoying helping to belt out the band’s tracks.

“I like performing Bullet Theory and Escape Artists Never Die, as they’re really rock, but I like performing them all. It’s super fun to perform live, it’s a band of singalong songs and there’s nothing like having those songs sung back to you by the crowd.

“If you give energy as a band, the crowd give it back to you.”

Speaking about what Pat brings to the band, Matthew Davies-Kreye said: “I think Pat’s been the missing piece of the puzzle for us.

“His attitude and love of playing really brought a new level of excitement to the band.

“His playing live and on this record really adds a sense of power that we’ve never had.

“It became apparent that our relationship with each other was the strongest we’ve had in this band since the very first few releases and we knew that was special.

“We were all pulling for the same thing and we didn’t care what anyone else felt outside of the five of us.”

The forthcoming Sunderland gig is one in a string of more intimate sets the band are performing .

Pat said: “This is our way of reconnecting with the real fans who support us and have done for a long time. They might not be able to travel to the big city dates, so it’s nice to give something back with smaller regional shows. It’s a more rewarding way of touring.”