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FANCY a set of local lads who play folky sounds, with catchy melodies, tight harmonies and amazing lyrics?

Thought so. Lilliput – Jamie Gilling, Jonathan “Bop” Hibbert, Josh Hawick, Dan Waterston and Joe Collins have only been together five months, but are already making their mark on the local music scene.

They all have individual influences, but do agree “we all love The Beatles, Steely Dan, Field Music, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel”.

The name comes from the island in Gulliver’s Travels.

Jamie said: “What I thought was interesting was that the island Lilliput – the island of the little people – was supposed to be like England. There are two: one called Lilliput and one called Blefusco.”

Dan added: “It was a choice between the one that we could pronounce, and the one that we couldn’t.”

Their songwriting is a collaborative effort, Jamie says: “It goes through a few different stages. I’ll write something and that comes to the rest of the band and they change it quite a lot.”

Dan added: “We’re like a musical sieve, if you will. He pours the notes in.”

Joe, vocalist, percussionist and “the dancer of the group” says that the band often meet up and do sessions.

“Josh will mess about with the bassline and then we’ll all toy with it for a bit and me and Jamie will sort out vocals last,” he said.

“We can all individually boast that we’ve brought something.”

Although Josh suggests that it’s possibly a case of too many cooks.

The band only have one song properly recorded – Until – and say that they’re reluctant to post demo-sounding songs online.

We can look forward to two more songs in January though, which they’re recording in Liverpool. As big Beatles fans, they toy with the idea that they’ll be taking a magical mystery tour or a pilgrimage when they go.

The band claim Independent is the best music venue in Sunderland. Although Josh also thinks that the Sunderland Minster was a good venue.

Joe adds: “I think The Royalty theatre would be a great music venue. It’s all self- funded.”

He asks that if The Royalty read this, that they get in contact!

Lilliput are a band that you need to hear, and need to hear live. On December 22 they’re putting on a Christmas Party in the Independent.

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