CD REVIEW: Wreck It Ralph – Official Soundtrack

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FOLLOWING Disney’s latest film release last Friday, this soundtrack offers six songs, and an additional 19 tracks from the score.

Rihanna’s Shut up and Drive and Sugar Rush by AKB48 are, as expected, aimed squarely at the movie’s audience and state funerals aside, it’s never a bad time to hear Kool and the Gang’s Celebration.

You know how Disney include references in their films to keep adults interested? Well, here the grown-ups are thrown a bone in the form of Skrillex’s anthemic, dubsteppy Bug Hunt.

The score’s clever use of arcade-inspired tunes and effects should prove quite a nostalgia trip for parents who spent time with blue hedgehogs and Italian plumbers in their youth.

Overall, there’s enough here to keep all of the family choosing “Continue”, rather than “Game Over”.

Richard Lewis