CD REVIEW: Eels – Wonderful, Glorious

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EELS have a history of openly dealing with the darker side of life, their lyrics often detailing the personal tragedies of frontman Mark Everett.

While his growling vocals mean that this was never going to be a feelgood sunbeam of an album, an unexpected, upbeat optimism is clear throughout Wonderful, Glorious.

Everett’s openness remains though and inevitably there are songs about loss. Even these radiate a positive, life-goes-on defiance, however, none more so than The Turnaround

Eels don’t really break new ground here, rather this is the sound of an accomplished band confident enough to shed light on a bigger, rockier sound that hasn’t always been prominent in the past.

At its best, the fuzzy, funky New Alphabet for example, Wonderful, Glorious proves to be a very appropriate title.

Richard Lewis