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New Electric Ride
New Electric Ride
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A Sunderland band is making world-wide waves. Katy Wheeler finds out more

When New Electric Ride released their self-recorded EP in January, little did they realise it would go on to receive airplay across Europe and a record label deal from across the pond.

However, their slick 60s sound has been making people sit up and listen – even rock legend Alice Cooper has played their music on his radio show.

Now, the four-piece made up of Craig Oxberry on drums and vocals, Adam Cole on bass and vocals, Jack Briggs on guitar, organ and vocals and Paul Nelson on organ and vocals, are hoping that signing with New York-based Beyond Beyond Is Beyond (BBIB) will propel them further.

Craig, from Castletown, said: “We rented a cottage in Hexham and recorded the EP ourselves.

“It got picked up around the world and we received national airplay in Spain, Italy, France, USA and England on BBC 6 Music.

“Somewhere along the lines it got picked up in America and we were offered a deal.”

The band are now in the midst of recording their debut album, which is due for release in spring, and are gearing up to play their first gigs state-side.

However, audiences don’t have to wait until then to hear the band’s sound, which is influenced by the likes of Beatles, Pink Floyd, Captain Beefheart, Small Faces, Crosby Stills and Nash, amongst others.

They have just released their first single, All Who You Know with BBIB, which is available from iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.

Craig said: “We’ve been together a couple of years now, we’ve all been in different bands.

“We started doing cover gigs, but then started recording our own music. We do all the recording ourselves and manage ourselves.”

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