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Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
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REVIEW: Justin Bieber at Newcastle Metro Radio Arena

I’M 40 and male, so it’s pretty safe to say I’m not the target audience for Justin Bieber.

Surrounded by his youthful and frenzied fans, I don’t think I’ve felt more old.

To set the record straight, I HAVE bought a Justin Bieber CD before, but it was for my kids.

Having said that, this young man does not quite fit in with most of my teeny-bopper prejudices.

OK, he’s a marketing executive’s money-making dream – £15 for a tour programme and £50 for a Bieber hoodie was ample evidence of that.

But the kid can sing, he can play and he writes his own stuff. Discovered famously after posting video clips on YouTube, the Canadian 17-year-old is a thoroughly modern pop phenomenon.

Though he is no doubt now getting a lot of record label guidance, he’s not the typical manufactured package you could easily pigeon-hole him as.

Set aside the fact I would never have his music on my iPod, and my dislike of the exhorbitant merchandise, and I have to confess that Bieber put on a great show.

My 12-year-old daughter loved it. He had thousands more like her – and the odd carried-along-by-the-moment mam – eating right out of his hand.

I can’t dream of what Beatlemania was like, but if the scream level back then beat Biebermania in the decibel stakes, then the Fab Four must have developed tinitus very early.

The night kicked off with UK talent Bluey Robinson – who, with his vocal strength, should have a big future – and Willow Smith before Canadian Bieber took centre stage to roll out hits including U Smile, Eenie Meenie, Up, Somebody To Love, Never Say Never, One Less Lonely Girl and finishing with the huge global hit Baby.

All of them were lovingly received and sang back like some huge playground karaoke night.

Spells at the drums, piano and playing guitar proved this is a kid with plenty of talent.

I just wonder what the lad will do when his voice breaks, but by then he – and his agent – will probably be far too rich to care!

Ian Laws