ALBUM REVIEW: The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy

THE PRODIGY ... The Day is My Enemy (Take Me to the Hospital).
THE PRODIGY ... The Day is My Enemy (Take Me to the Hospital).
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OVER the years, the key to The Prodigy’s endurance has been their ability to adapt and remain ahead of the curve, continuously jetting their music forwards while never stooping to current trends.

It’s disappointing, then, that their sixth album is not only a sideways step, but also one which all too often resembles castoffs from its predecessor, 2009’s Invaders Must Die.

“Angry and “violent” have been Liam Howlett’s buzzwords in recent interviews, but while his band have (thank heavens) never dealt in subtlety the brashness here bears little veritable substance.

Instead, its bangers offer little but mind-numbing repetition, with Keith Flint and Maxim’s roles often limited to simply blurting out the song titles on a loop.

It’s impressive sonically, but it says a lot that its best moment, Ibiza, features Sleaford Mods; a group whose snotty, divisive attitude is precisely what these songs aspire - but generally fail - to project. 5/10. AW