ALBUM REVIEW: Purity Ring - Another Eternity

PURITY RING ... Another Eternity (4AD)
PURITY RING ... Another Eternity (4AD)
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CANADIAN duo Megan James and Corin Roddick caused a stir upon their arrival three years ago, with many hailing their alternative, dreamy take on pop as a sound of the future.

That hyperbole has subsided a little now they’re onto album number two, but while the gap appears to have halted their momentum, they show few signs of stalling in the creative department.

Fiercely melodic and doused in studio sheen, James’s sugary vocals dazzle on the likes of Heartsigh and Push Pull, with Roddick’s glossy electronics providing a soaring-yet-tasteful sonic backdrop.

It would perhaps have benefited from a bit more variety, but rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, Another Eternity simply finds Purity Ring focusing on and succeeding in being an excellent pop group. 7/10. AW