ALBUM REVIEW: Liam Hayes - Slurrup

LIAM HAYES ... Slurrup (Fat Possum)
LIAM HAYES ... Slurrup (Fat Possum)
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WHETHER recording under his own name or his pseudonym Plush, Chicago songwriter Liam Hayes is an established figure in the American rock scene, with releases stretching back more than two decades.

It seems strange, then, that his approach on this fifth solo album is so low-key, with little design other than light, landfill guitar-pop which would have sounded ordinary half a decade ago, never mind in today’s market.

True, Slurrup’s brisk retroisms are pleasant enough - but that’s pretty much all there is to them.

Its Achilles heel is essentially a complete and utter lack of ambition, so much so that the record feels as though it exists purely for the sake of existing, and for a professional musician in 2015 that’s just not enough. AW