ALBUM REVIEW: Death Grips - Fashion Week

DEATH GRIPS ... Fashion Week (Third Worlds)
DEATH GRIPS ... Fashion Week (Third Worlds)
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ALTHOUGH apparently disbanding last year, this divisive hip-hop trio hardly seemed the type to bow out quietly - so the sudden, free release of instrumental LP hasn’t exactly come as that big a surprise.

Something of a thirst-quencher before their real swansong, The Powers That B, arrives later in the year, Fashion Week presents a typically brazen succession of backdrops assembled by drummer Zach Hill and producer Andy Morin.

The absence of hyper-energetic rapper MC Ride certainly lowers intensity levels (no doubt a relief for some), but if these cuts prove anything it’s that Death Grips’ appeal lies far deeper than his shock value.

In fact, while its palatable nature might rankle with some fans, you could argue these bustling, kinetic electronics make for some of their best material. 7/10. AW