ALBUM REVIEW: Charli XCX - Sucker

CHARLI XCX ... Sucker (Atlantic)
CHARLI XCX ... Sucker (Atlantic)
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IT’S been out for over a month in America, yet there’s every chance this second major label album could usher in a big year for 22-year-old Charlotte Aitchison.

Following the critical success of 2013’s True Romance, Sucker finds the Cambridge singer striding for the big leagues, holding little back with its stadium-sized power pop and flourescent flashes of EDM.

With lyrics like “I don’t wanna go to school/I just wanna break the rules” and “going to the discotheque/getting high and getting wrecked,” it takes no genius to suss its target age range, but this bombast and recklessness is pulled off so shamelessly it actually works.

That’s certainly the case on Break the Rules, the terrifically juvenile number from which those lines are taken, while top 10 single Boom Clap and the light but catchy Famous strike a similar sugar-sweet note.

It has a hint of guilty pleasure about it, but if she plays her cards right, it’s a record which could make her a star. 7/10. AW