Readers’s Review: 50/50

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THE initial premise of 50/50 may not appear to be the most enticing to the movie-going public.

A comedy about the way in which a young man copes with a rare cancer is rather risqué and close to the bone and could easily be misconstrued as insensitive and tactless.

Gratefully, director Jonathon Levine and scriptwriter Will Reiser (who himself suffered from the illness) craft a film that captures a young man’s transition through this terrible illness with a great subtlety, without making light of what is an incredibly-destructive disease.

50/50 carefully tackle the traumas surrounding cancer, but it does not veer away from what the filmmakers have aimed to do.

There are countless moments throughout the film that are laugh-out-loud funny, purely because of the way in which the central characters act in relation to one another.

Both Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen are perfectly cast and act terrifically together, and their beautifully-drawn characters are measured, allowing the shift between comedy and intense drama to appear seamless.

It is this relationship between Gordon Levitt and Rogen that works so well, they have expertly crafted a perception of the way in which two friends deal with a very harmful and life threatening disease, yet their relationship allows humour to surface, whilst strong burst of sheer acting talent from both Levitt and Rogen shine through.

There are a number of genuinely-heartbreaking scenes where we see true honesty from some of the central characters, an out powering of emotion, and they are deeply moving.