Readers Review: The Inbetweeners

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WHILE The Inbetweeners was an enormous hit on television, and entertained the audiences for three series, would the treacherous jump from the small to big screen be the series’ untimely demise?

 Fortunately, the transition is seamless and The Inbetweeners Movie not only provides old audiences with more genuinely entertaining antics from the four troublesome lads, but provides new audiences with a fresh comedy akin to American Pie that at times is truly heartfelt. The plot picks up where the third series left off, allowing old fans to re-engage with the characters.

 Gratefully, there is a small montage of clips acquainting the audience with the main characters, preventing any new viewers from feeling isolated from the masses that already know and love the television series.

 The plot itself may seem rather pedestrian on paper – the four lads decide to go to Malia for a big send off before they part company and head off into the real world – but when applied to the four particular characters, the laughs are seemingly endless.

 Each new predicament they get themselves involved in is hilarious, and maintains the highly crude and essentially facile humour fans of the show love.

 While there are multitudes of jokes that are hilarious, it is perhaps the more poignant moments of the film that are the most triumphant.

 When the overly sexual Jay realises that he may in fact be left behind as his friends move on to better things, a single look tells the audience everything Jay is feeling.

 It shows a side to the character we haven’t seen much of before, and reveals that the bravado he hides behind is simply a shield to protect himself from his true feelings.

 The acting by James Buckley here and from the whole cast in general is great, and passes on to the silver screen perfectly. None of the actors seem like screen actors, rather than simply television stars.

 Overall, The Inbetweeners Movie is a perfect end to an excellent series, and neatly wraps up the narrative, preventing it from getting stale or repetitive. While some may find the language vulgar and off putting, as long as you are prepared to withstand it, you will have a great time watching The Inbetweeners Movie.