CINEMA REVIEW: Suite Française (15)

ROMANTIC DRAMA ... Suite Fran�aise is in cinemas now.
ROMANTIC DRAMA ... Suite Fran�aise is in cinemas now.
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THEY say you can’t help who you fall in love with.

Suite Française follows a forbidden romance during the Second World War between French Lucile (Michelle Williams) and German officer Bruno (Matthias Schoenaerts).

Lucile lives in a small village in occupied France with her fearsome mother-in-law (Kristin Scott Thomas).

Her husband has been captured by Nazis and the town it overrun by refugees fleeing from Paris.

A regiment of German soldiers is also sent to the town and handsome Lieutenant Bruno is housed with Lucile and her controlling mother-in-law.

Against her better judgement, she begins to fall for the cultured and attractive officer, and the pair cannot fight their feelings, despite the consequences that may come along with them.

The powerfully emotive drama is an adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Irene Nemirovsky, which was discovered more than 50 years after her death in a concentration camp.

The on-screen chemistry between Williams and Schoenaerts is gripping and seeing the way their love could destroy them is absolutely heart-wrenching.

Visually, the film is beautiful and so is the romantic storyline.

It feels like a very real account of life in that time and the tension between the French residents and the German soldiers and the reckless bombing of rival towns and cities is harrowing.

The film is heart-breaking, beautiful and eye-opening.

Suite Française is out now. See it at Cineworld Boldon. Click here to book tickets.

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