CINEMA REVIEW: Nightcrawler (15)

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IF it bleeds, it leads – that’s the motto of LA’s crime journalists.

Jake Gyllenhaal is electric as unemployed Lou Bloom, who turns to the cut-throat world of TV news in a bid to make money.

Until recently, Lou has made cash by stealing anything from bikes to metal fences and selling them on.

But after happening upon a car crash where a cameraman is delighted to be the first on the scene, he soon finds himself out on the streets in search of news to capture on film.

After a slow start and a lot of being shouted at, shoved and pushed around, Lou becomes a force to be reckoned with – regularly pulling in big scoops.

He soon makes an impression on TV executive Nina (Rene Russo) as someone with a keen eye for news, but his advances towards her are not as welcome as his raw footage.

Gyllenhaal lost over a stone in weight for the role and his gaunt new look gives him an even creepier image.

The character is offensively straight-talking and ruthlessly pursues his chosen career to the point of obsession.

And after filming a little more than he perhaps should have one night, he finds himself on the radar of a couple of detectives.

Whether it’s chasing fires, car crashes, shootings, or violent assaults, each moment of the film is more exciting than the next, and as danger builds and builds, things become heart-poundingly thrilling.

Nightcrawler is out now. See it at Cineworld Boldon. Click here to book tickets.

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