CINEMA REVIEW: Interstellar (12A)

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MANKIND must look to the stars for salvation in this futuristic flick.

Interstellar follows single father Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a trained pilot whose skills are now redundant.

The Earth has become a hostile dust bowl and needs farmers to grow much-needed crops.

After stumbling onto a secret Nasa base run by scientist Professor Brand (Michael Cain), Cooper discovers that the organisation is secretly searching for another planet that mankind can call home.

Cooper’s piloting skills see him recruited for the mission, and he must leave his children Murph (Mackenzie Foy/Jessica Chastain) and Tom (Timothée Chalamet/Casey Affleck) behind in order to save the human race from certain extinction.

Along with the Professor’s daughter, Brand (Anne Hathaway), he sets off in search of a new planet.

I don’t want to say too much about the storyline, but it’s a really brilliant concept, and something that actually could happen in the future.

It was a little weird in parts but a really interesting take on people’s determination to survive.

Visually, the film from director Christopher Nolan, is absolutely breathtaking. Effects are stunning and the detail is impeccable. It really is a sight to behold.

It is a long film, and at almost three hours I was sure I’d be itching to get out of the cinema, but the time really flew by.

Interstellar bends time and reality and is absolutely mesmerising.

Interstellar is out now. See it at Cineworld Boldon. Click here to book tickets.

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