Bragg looking for ‘reel’ Wearside

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PRESENTER Melvyn Bragg is looking for people from Wearside to help explain how Britain used to be.

The broadcaster will be touring the country in the UK’s only surviving mobile cinema, using the film collections of the Film Institute and regional film archives, as well as contributions from people from the region, for a new programme, The Reel History of Britain – which will be shown this summer.

Melvyn said: “At the turn of the last century one invention changed the way we recall our history forever – the motion camera. Thanks to Britain’s pioneering film-makers, we can still glimpse a world long gone.

“Most of this unique footage has never been seen before, but now more than 100 years later, we can share the many secrets of this forgotten archive. I’m going to explore some of the most remarkable events of British history as captured on camera. Reaching back into the 20th century, this is an absorbing and entertaining insight into how we became who we are.”

Liam Keelan, Controller of BBC Two Daytime, said: “It’s fantastic to have such a broadcaster fronting this new series.”

The BBC is looking for people to contribute to the series.

Anyone interested should call (0161) 244 3289, email or write to Reel History of Britain, Room 4061, BBC Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M60 1SJ