Enjoy a creepy Halloween outing for the whole family

Witches and warlocks welcome
Witches and warlocks welcome
Promoted by The Alnwick Garden

The gorgeous, idyllic Alnwick Garden is getting a ghostly makeover – are you brave enough to discover a spooktacular day out?

The formal gardens of Alnwick, adjacent to the castle, have always been a magnificent spot to take the kids for a day out. But this Halloween ghosts and ghouls, wizards and warlocks have claimed this bucolic patch as their own.

Take your family to explore the thrills and chills of Alnwick’s Halloween Scare Zone – if you dare. Here’s what’s on offer.

The Spooky Trail

With a map to track down ghosties, you’ll follow a trail around the spirit-infested garden, in search of spooks, skeletons and tombs. You’ll pass the grisly hanging tree, where the shrivelled heads of notorious nasties are strung up for all to see – be warned!

Wand and potion making

No young one should risk encountering diabolical demons without having powers to protect themselves. A trip to the crafty cabin offers the opportunity to fashion your own magnificent wand and stock up on powerful potions to keep the malicious minions at bay.

Halloween Spook Globe

A family photo with a diabolical difference – step into the Halloween Spook Globe to take a photo of you and your family with a crew of goblins, ghouls, spooks, witches and warlocks.

The most haunted golf course in Britain

Once a spot for wholesome family fun, recent reports state The Alnwick Garden’s Adventure Golf course has been the site of strange, eerie noises. People have noted stepping into pockets of sudden, sharp chill as they move towards the final hole – number 13.

The supernatural activities have caused historians to examine the storied past for the course, uncovering that it was in fact the site of a vampire burial in the 1200s, as well as where local butcher Milton Everett met a gruesome and unexpected fate in 1843. Visitors to the Garden are invited to investigate the “most haunted golf course in Britain” at their own risk, and report back on any queasy experience they have therein.

The Scare Zone

At twilight, the garden’s famous Bamboo Labyrinth comes alive – or should that be undead? Between 6.30-7pm during Halloween week, a trip through the maze might leave you tripping over things sure to provoke scares and screams. Only the brave are invited – parental discretion is advised.

Halloween at The Alnwick Garden runs from October 14-29. All activities are included with the entry fee.

Children receive half price entry if they come dressed as something suitably ghoulish or witchy. For more information, or to book, visit https://alnwickgarden.com/?events=the-halloween-snowglobe