The Stackyard: Herrington, Sunderland

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I WAS a little apprehensive about trying the tapas menu at The Stackyard.

I’ve sampled the pub’s food menu a few times before, and it was good, but traditional Spanish tapas? It just didn’t sit that easily with me.

After buying a drink I headed for the conservatory – which serves as a dining area – and found a table.

My companions and I – mother and father Turnbull on this occasion, as I’m such a good daughter that I took them for tea – flicked through the menu to the selection of tapas.

There’s a good few options to choose from.

You can pick one of the individual dishes, which start from £1.95 to around £5, or you can pick three, five, or seven dishes for a set price.

I chose five dishes for £15.50, plus one order of bread (£1.95).

Of the dishes I chose, the chicken was my least favourite as the coating was a bit too thick and smoky, but other than that I had no complaint.

Everything was fresh, light and tasty and went down an absolute treat.

The calamari and garlic prawns were divine. Spanish meats and olives were also among my choices.

I was a bit worried that there would be too much food, but everything was well portioned, and came in small dishes so there was just enough to share.

Seeing the table laden with all the “picky dishes” was great too, and I love the idea of sitting back and enjoying a drink while nibbling on bits here and there.

If you can’t decide what you want, tapas is a perfect option.

The bread came with a dish of aioli, which was lovely and not as strong as the stuff you get abroad, and went well with everything.

We also ordered a bottle of white wine (£10.95), to set the Spanish mood, which wasn’t that badly priced.

My only qualm would be that the service was a little slow.

However, as there didn’t seem to be many staff and the pub was slightly busy, I could forgive it.

Especially as the grub was so darn good. This could definitely become a new favourite.

* The tapas menu runs every evening at The Stackyard.

Monica Turnbull

Twitter: @Monica_Turnbull