Review: The Sandwich Bar 2, The Inshops, Washington

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FRESH, cheap and an ideal post-shopping pitstop.

The Sandwich Bar 2 in the Inshops opened its doors in April, son of fantastic The Sandwich Bar in Grangetown.

Its mission is to serve up tasty grub to anyone hitting The Galleries shopping centre and it’s fair to say it pulls this off with ease.

The other half and I were mooching about in the area meeting friends, so as I’m a big fan of the original Sandwich Bar, we decided to give it a try.

I went for a crab pasta bowl salad, which is a big hearty plate of pasta and vegetables,

None of your limp lettuce leaves here, as I crunched my way through tomato, lettuce, egg, white onion, sweetcorn, coleslaw and peppers, served with a hefty dollop of crab and mayo.

Him opposite went for chicken curry and chips, which came with a portion of rice, rather than his preferred option of chips.

Cafe owner Julie explained that chips were off the menu, as the cafe is not able to be fitted with an extractor fan to whisk away the deep-fat smell.

He bravely managed to struggle on through the curry, which was mild and creamy, packed with chunks of tender chicken and I think that, as so often, he had made the better, if less healthy, menu choice.

My healthy-eating halo was intact though, especially as I shunned caffeine for a refreshing pot of red bush tea, which more cafes seem to be stocking and goes down a treat.

It was a nice touch to see sweeteners available for those of us trying to be good, along with a host of other condiments and sauces.

The Sandwich Bar 2 serves up a huge range of hot and cold sandwiches, as well as pasta bowl salads, dips and breakfasts both healthy and naughty, depending on your preference.

Definitely walking on the wicked side is Julie’s homemade cheesecakes, including Baileys and white chocolate and strawberry, which she promised me with a wink have no calories at all.

Using every ounce of willpower to resist the cheesecake, our scranning pitstop came to less than a fiver.

The shop’s seating area is small, but service is quick so you aren’t hanging about and you can call up to 30minutes beforehand to pre-order.