Review: The Rosedene, Queen Alexandra Road, Sunderland

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IT’S always been the tipples that have drawn me to The Rosedene in the past.

As an Ashbrooke resident, it’s kind of obligatory to go there. But in all my years supping at the pub, I’ve never eaten in its restaurant.

So, in a bid to give Ma Wheeler a break from the oven, little bro and I took her to the Rosedene for Sunday lunch.

This almost never happens as I’m usually too hungover to function on a Sunday and Tucker – nickname, not real name – lives in South Korea.

It being a rare treat for the mothership, I hoped the meal would be good.

Nothing ever beats your own mum’s roast dinners, but the Rosedene’s offering came close.

There was a choice of meats for the roast dinner option – beef, pork and turkey – and other meat dishes including lamb knuckle.

You can also choose from the regular restaurant menu which offers up a good selection ranging from hand-battered halloumi and steaks to gourmet burgers such as the surf ‘n’ turf burger and tandoori vegetable burger.

Tucker and I plumped for the beef option. Just short of the £10 mark, it’s more expensive than most pub Sunday lunches but, on the plus side, you get a humongous portion.

The meat was flavoursome and the vegetables delicious, you get mashed potato, broccoli and carrot with your meal, but it was the Yorkshire pudding which stole the show.

It was just what you want from a pud: whopping, fluffy with a crisper edge and deliciously mis-shapen. It was complemented with lashings of top-notch gravy.

You get your own gravy boat with your meal for top ups.

Ma Wheeler had a few gripes with her choice – the lamb knuckle. She said it was smaller than she’s had in other restaurants and a little too fatty, but the taste was spot on.

I was stuffed, but my chomping partners found room for pudding. Sticky toffee pudding for Tucker (£4.25) and what proved to be a divine banoffee tart (£4.29) for mum.

It was a pretty dish, beautifully presented and it tasted scrumptious.

That’s the good thing about food reviews, I get to sample other people’s dishes.