REVIEW: Tango, Elvet Bridge, Durham City

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WITH a title like Tango you’d expect some fiery Latin American dishes to pop from the menu, and there’s plenty here to get your tastebuds dancing.

Burger connoisseurs can revel in a large choice of their favourite dish with uber-manly names, like The Big Kahuna, Diablo and The Pit, with prices starting from £6.50.

Burgers have enjoyed a renaissance of late. With pulled pork versions popping up everywhere and other ‘gourmet’ versions, you no longer have to rely on fast food chains and burger vans for your 

As well as trendy burgers, there’s also a selection of small trays to pick at, ranging from chorizo (£6.50) to mounds of nachos (£4.50). It’s all heavy duty, artery-clogging stuff, and this seems to be what the venue does best.

I chose badly with a Caesar salad (£9.50), which was lettuce-heavy and lacking in chicken and anchovies. It was served sprawled on a flat metal platter – great for finger food, not for a salad.

There were no complaints opposite from my friend who’d chosen the lip-tingling Diablo burger (£8.50), a huge juicy burger with plenty of texture, spilling out of the bun, topped with chilli relish and blue cheese.

He swerved the double up, but those wanting a 12oz version can beef up their meal for an extra £3. A great touch was also the option to choose from a variety of meats and mock meat (for the vegetarians), as well as a choice of 

The interiors too, are a plus. It’s a great location on the cobbled Elvet Bridge with views overlooking the Wear, but even if the view doesn’t hold your attention, the interiors have a laid-back Speak Easy feel with studded leather seats, light fittings in bird cages, exposed brick work and beams.

As with most venues in Durham’s more historic buildings, space is at a premium, but it helps to create a cosy, underground atmosphere.